Barbari Goat

Kambing Barbari

Adalah Jenis kambing yang berkembang biak di Uttar Pradesh dan Punjab, provinsi barat laut India dan Pakistan. Dikembang biakkan sebagai kambing pedaging.

  Breed Characteristics:

Adult males Adult females
Body weight 37.85 22.56
Body length 70.45 58.68
Height at withers 70.67 56.18
Chest girth 75.53 64.3

Conformation: Small animals, with compact body. The orbital bone is quite prominent, so that eyes appear bulging. There is wide variation in coat color, but white with small light brown patches ,is the most typical. Ears are short, tubular, almost double) with the slit opening in front, erect, directed upward and outward. Both sexes have twisted horns, medium in length and directed upward and backward; horn length: 11.17 cm. Bucks have a large thick beard.

Flock structure: The average flock contains 9.25 individuals (2 to 31 ), of which 0.6 adult males, 5.3 adult females and 3.4 young.

Management and feeding: Stationary. Mostly maintained on browsing and grazing stubble of cultivated crops and tree leaves. Cultivated fodders (e.g. berseem, wheat straw) and grains (e.g. maize, barley, millets) are commonly offered. The animals are generally housed in thatched sheds inside the house. Most males are castrated at ages between 7 to 30 days by the open method, with a blade, and are fattened on milk for slaughter on festive occasions.

  Reproduction:

Age at first kidding 648
Kidding interval 348
Service period 70
Kidding percentage (%) 70.2
Litter size: (%)
Singles 49.64
Twins 49.32
Triplets 1.04

Mortality %:

Pre-weaning 0.87
Adults 0.19


Lactation yield (Kg) 107.120
Lactation length (days) 150.13
Meat (kg.)
At birth 1.739
At weaning 6.661
6 months 7.800
9 months 12.566
12 months 14.517
Hair  (g per year)

Di amerika jenis kambing barbari disebut aoudad

The aoudad (Ammotragus lervia) disebut Barbary “Domba”, tapi tidak benar-benar seekor domba. Mereka datang dari Afrika Utara di Barbary Coast, dan di sanalah mereka mendapatkan nama mereka.

Merata yang aoudad menjembatani jarak biologis antara domba dan kambing, tetapi mereka adalah spesies yang sejati, dan bukan hibrida. Mereka memiliki ciri-ciri dari kedua domba dan kambing, dan protein dalam darah mereka adalah 50% seperti domba dan 50% seperti kambing ‘.

Berat Aoudads Jantan 110pounds – 350 pounds tinggi 36-39 inch, sedangkan betina beratnya mencapai 90-125 pounds dan tingginya lebih pendek 5inch dari yang jantan.

Baik Jantan ataupun betina mempunyai tanduk