Scientific Reasons Goats Milk has superior Digestibility

For many years goats milk has been an excellent source of nutrition for many Americans who could not consume cows milk. In fact more people in the world drink goats milk than cows milk. There are many testimonials concerning the health benefits of drinking goats milk and consuming goat’s milk products. Initially, these testimonials were mainly concerning babies who were allergic to cows milk or infant formulas, or from adults with digestive problems.

In recent years there have been many additional testimonials of how goats milk is an excellent supplementary source of nutrition to end stage cancer patients and HIV patients. The testimonials state that it greatly increases quality of life for these individuals by having a soothing effect on the gut and helping to maintain body weight, when most other food are no longer digestible.

There are published reasons why goats milk is a more digestible food when compared to cows milk. One major reason may be because goats milk contains higher levels of Medium chain triglycerides, (6-12 carbon length) than cows milk. (1) Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) have been used in specialized diets for humans with malabsorption problems and in parenteral or intravenous nutrition. (2), (3) MCT absorption and conversion to energy requires fewer steps and enzymes than do long chain triglycerides. (2) Absorption of MCT’s can take place even when the body is devoid of certain enzymes necessary for long chain triglyceride transport into the blood stream. (4)

This may help explain the large number of testimonials of the increased digestive quality of goats milk shared by people with digestive disorders. Surely there may be many other differences that are not explained yet using scientific research. We feel that so many testimonials, from so many different people, for so many years cannot be wrong.

We challenge you to put goats milk to the test and see if it can help you or someone you know. Drake Family Farms, one of Utah’s historic Centennial Farms is pleased to announce they now have delicious fresh goat milk available for sale to the public at their Grade A Goat Dairy conveniently located in West Jordan.  We have a self service farm store located at our farm.  Our Farm Store is open from 8:00 AM-10:00 PM Monday-Saturday.  We are closed on Sunday.   The farm address is 1856 Drake Lane.  Drake Lane is 7400 S. on the Salt Lake county Road system.   To get to our farm you will need to turn onto Drake lane (7400 S.) from Redwood Road.  This will be a right hand turn if you are heading South on Redwood Road and a left hand turn if you are heading North on Redwood Road.  Look for the Goat Dairy sign and the Centennial Farm marker at the bottom of the Lane.  There is also a green street sign that says “Drake Lane”.   Once you are on Drake Lane, you will be heading west.  After you go up the lane a fair bit, there will be a light red brick house on your right with another Centennial farm marker in the front yard.  Drive past that house and look to your right and you will see our little farm store.  There is also a park bench there in front of a pen of goats.  Bring the kids and sit awhile watching the goats.  The goats in that pen our “retired goats”  that are taking it easy.  In the spring and summer we will try and put a couple retired mother goats in there with some baby goats.  It is relaxing to stop and watch the baby goats play.

Since our farm store is self service please bring correct change for your products.  Our pasteurized milk is $4 for a half gallon bottle and our Raw milk is $5 for a half gallon bottle.  If for some reason we are out of milk please call us at (801)255-MILK (6455), or come to our house.  Our house is North of the farm store and is a white brick house.  We always try to keep a good selection in the farm store but we often have someone from out of town come through and buy up large quantities of milk so sometimes we are out and need to bottle more milk.  Sorry we can’t always anticipate what the demand will be for a given day and we don’t want to overstock the store and compromise the freshness of our delicious milk.

Our farm is a family farm where all the goats have names and receive only the highest standard of humane and loving care. Over the years our goal has been to produce superior quality delicious tasting goat milk. Our milk has no additives, preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavorings.

Our milk is produced using only the finest feed ingredients and no artificial hormones or rBST (Bovine Growth Hormone). If you would like more information on our goat milk or cheese please call us at (801)255-1615.


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